A family practice.

As a mother of four children herself, Catherine McNamara – head of Liverton Opticians – knows that family health is a number one priority. Regular ‘check ups’ are an important factor in safeguarding the future health of your children and this is equally important in the case of eye-care.

Liverton Opticians are dedicated to looking after your family from the early days until they are ready to ‘fly the nest’ and follow their own destiny. At that point – and with your guidance and our care over the years – the importance of looking after their sight will be well ingrained as a priority for their future success in life.

Our optometrists are trained to carry out eye tests on young children who can’t (or sometimes won’t!) respond in the same way as adults will. In our experience children enjoy a visit to the opticians and are quite happy when the time comes for a return visit to the practice.

Visual stress and the use of coloured overlays. Visual stress is a term used to describe visual discomfort and perceptual distortions in printed text and is suffered by many people – including many children – who struggle to read or are diagnosed with dyslexia. Around 20% of the population are estimated to be affected by this condition and – more significantly – 40% of poor readers. Visual Stress may be reduced by the introduction of coloured filters, either an overlay placed over text or the provision of tinted spectacle lenses, and a simple test can be carried out during the eye examination to determine if this may be helpful.

At Liverton Opticians we can carry this out as part of a comprehensive eye examination for children at no extra cost. The success of using appropriate overlays can be measured by using the Wilkins Rate of Reading Test. If the treatment is found to be successful, the appropriate coloured overlays or spectacles with tinted lenses may then be prescribed.

The use of coloured overlays has been found to be helpful in the case of around 20% of children of primary school age.

If your child should need glasses, we have a wide range of inexpensive (and very resilient!) frames, specially designed to appeal to the younger generations.

At the other end of the spectrum, if you care for or have an elderly relative living with you their eye care is equally important both in order to retain their independence and to enable them to enjoy life to the full. And if they are unable to attend the practice due to ill health or infirmity, we shall be happy to arrange to visit them in their own homes.

We shall be happy to show you the facilities we have and to discuss the needs and care of your family at any time. Please just call in to see us or telephone. />