Corporate Eye Care The Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations (1992) 

 … state that free eye examinations for persons identified as users, More hints must be provided on request.

The employer is responsible for paying for tests and for basic spectacles if they are required for DSE work.

At Liverton Opticians we have created a corporate eye care scheme that is flexible to the requirements of your business.

webpage Only pay for what is used: Unlike some providers we do not ask for an upfront purchase of the eye care vouchers, but instead, we will only invoice as they are redeemed by the employee, thus offering a better choice for your employees to decide on their eye care provider.

We will produce an e-voucher that your employees can redeem at the store for a full eye examination at no cost to them, which will be invoiced monthly to yourselves as an employer.

If the employee is eligible for a VDU specific pair of glasses we will produce a range of glasses which can be provided at no cost to the employee within a set range of suitable frames based on your business allowance.
All glasses will be inclusive of anti-reflective coating.

dating sites in india We are also able to provide Safety Glasses should your business require it.

The benefits of offering a corporate eye care scheme with Liverton Opticians ultimately offers a bespoke service that benefits both yourself as an employer and your employees.

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