Extending the classroom into the Practice!

Liverton Opticians are offering local schools the opportunity to send groups of students, accompanied by their teachers, to see how an opticians operates and to learn the importance of good eye care. The invitation has been extended to all age groups from junior to secondary schools and colleges in the Newport area.

Catherine McNamara, optometrist and head of the business which has a practice in Charles Street, will explain the use of the sophisticated equipment that has been installed to provide optimum care for patients. This includes the use of retinal

photography at every visit, to monitor and help diagnose at an early stage, any minor changes that might affect future eye health.

The Practice also has specially designed glasses that the children can try on to be able to experience the effects of different problems affecting sight. Mother of four and experienced optometrist Catherine, will explain how the eye works and will be available to answer any questions the students may have.

Letters have been sent to all local schools and a number have already indicated their interest to take part. One teacher remarked that they had recently cleaned the glasses of a number of their students who were complaining of not being able to see lessons properly and emphasis on good hygiene would be welcome!

For further information please telephone, email or call in to the Charles Street Practice.

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